Dreaming of Summer Getaways

Peacefully Pacific – Green Necklace by Paparazzi $5 my-bling.com
Springtime Shimmer – Blue Ring by Paparazzi Accessories $5 my-bling.com
Sandstone Sunflower Earrings by Paparazzi $5 my-bling.com

Who’s dreaming of Island getaways? Warm, tropical breezes…. Sunset dinners……? Those warm days will soon be here, and Paparazzi’s got you covered with $5 fashion jewelry accessories perfect for the season. Featured: Peacefully Pacific – Green Necklace and Earring Set, Springtime Shimmer – Blue Ring, and Sandstone Sunflower Earrings. Stop by and see me at www.my-bling.com. While you’re there, set up your own Jewelry Showroom and be entered into the Showroom Ready 5 piece ensemble giveaway! Visit Showroom Giveaway for details!

Be Fabulous! Jfay

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