Welcome to My Jewelry Showroom!

Welcome to Jfay's Paparazzi Jewelry Showroom
Welcome to Jfay’s Paparazzi Jewelry Showroom!

Hello All! Welcome to my Paparazzi Jewelry Showroom! Paparazzi is so fabulous – It’s still unbelievable to me that everything is only $5.00, and the quality is so awesome!

I do direct mainly to my Paparazzi website, which is THE go-to for every day New Releases. Yes! I’m saying there are new looks that come out every day, from Monday through Friday – Every week! And you have to be pretty quick with some of the new items that come out, because they can sell out super fast. People are catching on to this phenomenon that is Paparazzi – with the gorgeous jewelry and unbelievable low price.

Paparazzi Accessories $5 Bling
Paparazzi Accessories $5 Bling! my-bling.com

But…. to get back on track (I can sometimes get carried away when I talk Paparazzi!), I do offer items direct from my Showroom – either in person (family and friends), but also online for direct ship from me to you. I will be showing items here on the blog that may be sold out online, that you can still snag from me. And it’s still only $5.00 (with the exception of Zi Collection items that are $25.00, both online and from my Showroom).

Shopping Paparazzi Accessories is super FUN! www.my-bling.com
Shopping Paparazzi Accessories is super FUN! my-bling.com Say hello to Foxi-Razzi!

I also enjoy shopping in my Paparazzi Showroom! I snagged this gorgeous clear bead necklace and earring set to wear this weekend to my high school reunion (Don’t ask how many years it’s been since I’ve attended high school!).

I hope you have a fabulous weekend yourself, and I’ll be back on Monday to share more Paparazzi love with you all. If you’re in the mood to browse the web this weekend, stop on by and see all the bling! www.my-bling.com


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