Desert Adventure, Southwest Style

Desert Bliss - White Earrings $5
Desert Bliss – White Earrings $5
Desert Glyphs - White Cuff Bracelet $5
Desert Glyphs – White Cuff Bracelet $5
Southwest Showdown - White Necklace $5
Southwest Showdown – White Necklace $5
Adventure Zone - White Bracelet with Brown Suede, White Lava Rocks and Blue Wooden Beads $5
Adventure Zone – White Bracelet With Brown Suede, White Lava Rocks, and Blue Wooden Beads $5

It’s an adventurous day in Paparazzi Land today! Desert/Southwest looks abound in the New Releases. I also picked up a necklace hitchhiker to go along with this ensemble I’m showing you today.

While checking out the New Releases, the Desert Bliss Earrings first caught my eye. They’re so beautifully intricate with all the detailing and even have little wooden beads. Then, how about that Desert Glyphs Bracelet? The tribal engravings on the silver and that large earthy white stone? Yes please! So then I took an off road trip over to Necklaces and searched in the color I was looking for – White – and found the Southwest Showdown Necklace with the same large earthy white stone as Desert Glyphs – perfect! And back tracking to New Releases again, I found a ruggedly handsome Men’s Bracelet called Adventure Zone with brown suede, white lava rocks, and blue wooden beads. Awesome! You two can match! I bet you can even find him a necklace to go with his look.

It’s so fun and easy to get a look together using the Paparazzi website. You can shop by category (you have to check the New Releases every day! I’ll give you an insider’s hint: I usually receive a notification text around 2-3 pm every week day that the New Releases have launched! Shhhh…..), you can shop by color – check the left sidebar, and you can shop by collection as well. And it’s all $5.00! Shop till you drop, for sure! But now, the Zi Collection items are $25.00 each, but they are the Paparazzi crowning glories – big statement pieces – so be sure to have a look at those beauties. You will certainly be turning heads.

Have fun putting your own personal looks together – And be sure to use the Showroom Designer while you’re there – it’s free, and very easy, and most of all – Fun! Visit any time!

Be Fabulous! Jfay

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