What a Day for a Daydream in Red

Spring Daydream - Red Necklace $5.00 www.my-bling.com
Spring Daydream – Red Necklace $5 my-bling.com
Making History - Red Ring $5 www.my-bling.com
Making History – Red Ring $5 my-bling.com
Metro Marvelous Red Bracelet $5 www.my-bling.com
Metro Marvelous Red Bracelet $5 my-bling.com
Unstoppable Red Suede Bracelet $5 www.my-bling.com
Unstoppable Red Suede Bracelet $5 my-bling.com

Am I dreaming in Reds….? Don’t wake me up!

Today’s New Releases are bringing it in bold and beautiful Reds, and all kinds of sparkles.

First up is the Spring Daydream Necklace in Red. Look at all that color! So gorgeous! Next, I found the Making History Ring in Red. Now, that’s a statement ring for sure, with that large stone and all those shiny rhinestones. You certainly cannot go wrong with only a $5.00 price tag, and the band is a nice comfy stretch band, so it will fit any size. Get a look at the Metro Marvelous Bracelet with those fiery Red rhinestones. It’s also a stretchy band. And last but not least on this Red Daydream is the Unstoppable Red Suede Bracelet. That is so fierce! It’s encrusted with rhinestones and shiny silver chains. These suede bracelets are so soft upon the skin. They really feel good wearing them and they have an adjustable snap closure.

Now, off to grab ourselves some dreamy Red jewels before they disappear. You know how it goes with Paparazzi, things can go really really fast, so if you love it, snag it!

And always stay fabulous! Jfay

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