Let’s Talk Wearing Paparazzi Rings

Statement Rings by Paparazzi $5.00 each my-bling.com
Statement Rings by Paparazzi $5 Each my-bling.com

Hey all! Hope your week is coming along fantastically!

I thought I’d take a moment to talk to you about my personal experience wearing Paparazzi rings. I’m not going to lie to you, at first I didn’t think I would want to wear the rings. They are eye poppingly gorgeous, but like so many, I’m set in my ways.

I posted about them and how pretty they are, but just kind of skipped wearing them myself. It wasn’t until my first Showroom open house, that it changed for me. I became a believer. My niece was trying on the rings, and they just looked soooo gorgeous on, that I decided to give them a try for myself. I ordered the white floral ring to wear and to just see how it goes. I am a frequent hand-washer, so that was one of my first concerns – getting the rings wet. At first I didn’t want to put my ring under the faucet when I washed my hands, but after the first few hand-washings, it was just like, oh well, if I’m going to wear this ring as my ring, it’s going in the water!

Well, to my surprise (well, I suppose not really, Paparazzi jewelry is just fantastic) it’s okay — it survived! I’ve even cleaned it with an alcohol wipe and it’s fine. I just make sure to dry it after I come home from an outing (after washing my hands of course) before putting it away.

And my ring is so comfy. The stretchy band (I was concerned about that as well since I have small fingers) is not cumbersome in the least. In fact, at my Showroom opening, the ladies were delighted at the stretchy bands. No matter your finger size, they should fit without any discomfort. I have a picture here showing the stretchy band for you.

Paparazzi rings feature comfy stretchy bands and all are only $5.00 each. my-bling.com
Paparazzi Rings Feature Comfy Stretchy Bands and All are Only $5.00 my-bling.com

So I am now happily a Paparazzi ring convert and love feeling extra finessed when I go out and about. I’ll be adding to my personal collection of Paparazzi rings for sure. So you see, I am an actual client as well as a proud rep for Paparazzi. I’m so glad to be able to give their products a try and pass along the information to you. I am always amazed at the quality of these jewelries and the styles that they are able to create, and to sell at such an unbelievable price. And speaking of quality, I plan to do a blog post, or perhaps set up a static page regarding Paparazzi jewelry quality. If you read my About Page, you’ll see that being a maker myself for many years, quality is of the upmost importance to me and I would not represent a product that did not meet my own high expectations.

And speaking of high expectations. Paparazzi goes above and beyond by introducing new rings every day, from Monday through Friday, every week, new rings! Here are some stunning ring designs (these are original designs just for Paparazzi, designed by the founding sisters themselves), that are available today on my Paparazzi site. You can start your own collection and have a statement ring for every outfit for every season! And they’re all just $5.00!

Hot Off the EMPRESS - Black and Silver Ring with Rhinestones by Paparazzi $5.00 my-bling.com
Hot Off the EMPRESS – Black and Silver Ring with Rhinestones by Paparazzi $5.00 my-bling.com
BAROQUE the Spell - Green Ring by Paparazzi $5.00 www.my-bling.com
BAROQUE the Spell – Green Ring by Paparazzi $5.00 my-bling.com
Castle Chic - White Rhinestone Ring by Paparazzi $5.00 www.my-bling.com
Castle Chic – White Rhinestone Ring by Paparazzi $5.00 my-bling.com
Mega Mother Nature - White Ring by Paparazzi $5.00 www.my-bling.com
Mega Mother Nature – White Ring by Paparazzi $5.00 my-bling.com

Too fabulous, right? There are silver rings, gold rings, rose gold, copper, antiqued copper, and brass styles. All kinds and colors of stones, turquoise, tiger’s eye, just absolutely something for every fashion and style. Some are more casual. I just like showing the really blingy stuff!

I hope you’ll enjoy shopping all the amazing Paparazzi ring styles and more than that, I hope you enjoy wearing them! You can find the rings easily when you visit my Paparazzi website at www.my-bling.com. Just click on “Shop”, then click on “Rings”.

Let me know what you get!

Be and feel fabulous, always! Jfay

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