It’s Not About Your Age, But How You Rock It!

Look and Feel Fabulous and Always be the Best You.
Look and Feel Fabulous and Always be the Best You.

I just found this picture of me and my husband today from last April and was amazed at the transformation I’ve gone through over this past year. Part of this transformation is thanks to this company I know, called Paparazzi Accessories. It has breathed new life into me and has helped me find the more youthful/snazzier version of my self again that I had lost somewhere along the way.

Since joining Paparazzi I now feel so much more confident and love getting dressed up with all my bling, even when just going out to run errands. Which, I’m now wearing earrings again after many years. Yay!

Another thanks goes to the fabulous Ms. Katy Perry who inspired me with her very fun Pixie style that I saw her wearing last year (and again this year) on American Idol. I was afraid at first to take the leap, but then I thought, why not?! And, I had been wanting to grow out my natural hair color, which in Texas (if you know about Texas women you’ll understand), that’s kind of a taboo. But, with gray hair becoming all the rage, I thought it was the perfect time to give it a go. So brave me did so, and yes, thank you, I do feel like a newer version of me that I’m enjoying even more than my youthful version years ago.

I’m learning to embrace and enjoy this phase of my life as a 50 something youngster and still whipper snapper, and enjoy the advantages to being this age as well. I no longer look at it as getting older, but rather as hopefully I’ve gained some knowledge along the way, I have more freedom now as an empty nester, and I can still do whatever I dream to do.

And to keep feeling fabulous! I’m sure you know my motto by now. It’s all about being the best you – at any age – and just enjoying life, and to keep being inspired, and feeling great about yourself. If there’s one thing I have learned in my 50+ years, it’s that when you feel good about how you look, it makes a huge difference in your entire outlook and emotions and confidence, and then you are able to get out there and make a difference, and hopefully be an inspiration along the way.

Sooo.. this all goes with how I did come to love Paparazzi so much. Their motto, their mission, and I can testify that it can and does make an impact. Even just wearing their product makes me feel better, and now representing their company makes me feel inspired, and like an “I can rock this”, Paparazzi star!

I truly hope my story helps inspire someone today, and as always – Be Fabulous! Jfay

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