Gold and Glitz

Hollywood Hotshot Clip-On Gold Earrings by Paparazzi $5
Hollywood Hotshot Clip-On Gold Earrings by Paparazzi $5
Gold Hoop Earrings $5
Totally Off the Hoop Gold Earrings $5
Gold and Rhinestone Bracelet $5
Spotlight Starlight Bracelet $5
Looking for Trouble Gold and Black Suede Bracelet $5
Looking for Trouble Gold and Suede Bracelet $5
A Golden Spell Necklace $5
A Golden Spell Necklace $5

Hey everyone! Don’t you just love glitz and glam and gold? Yeah! That’s what caught my eye today during my New Release look-see.

First thing that caught my attention was the Hollywood Hotshot Earrings. Check them out. They are encrusted with peach rhinestones – and they’re clip-ons! Yay! So glad that Paparazzi thinks about us who no longer wear pierced earrings. So gorgeous.

Next up is a really pretty pair of gold hoop earrings called Totally Off the Hoop. These have a unique twist with their high sheen finish and textured look.

Then we have the Spotlight Starlight Bracelet. So pretty with the rhinestones and golden chains. It’s hard to remember sometimes that every one of these items is only $5.00. Just think of all the looks you can put together. And probably a complete ensemble for what you’d pay for one item at a retail outlet. You’re getting the same quality, but at a fraction of the price because it is a direct sale item. Mind blowing!

Okay — back on track. I can go on and on about Paparazzi’s unbelievable quality for the price all day long….. As you can see!

Our next featured item – is – oh my goodness – awesome! I LOVE Paparazzi’s suede and rhinestone bracelets, and this one is made with flat gold cubes and black suede and is called Looking for Trouble. OH YEAH!! How rock and roll and just super fab is that??? And don’t get me started about it being only $5.00 again! Haha!

And then we have A Golden Spell Necklace. This is one of my absolute faves, and is, thank goodness, one of Paparazzi’s mainstay Blockbuster items. This necklace design also comes in Silver, so I recommend one of each, thank you. And it comes with matching earrings.

Okay gang, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Gold and Glitz feature and that you stop by my Paparazzi website and shop to your heart’s delight! Everything is super budget friendly so you can splurge on yourself and feel fabulous doing so!


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