Friday Finds

Gold Necklace with linking circles by Paparazzi $5.00
Break the Cycle – Gold Necklace $5
Beautiful Rhinestone Ring by Paparazzi $5.00
Cosmo Collection Rhinestone Ring $5
Purple Gem Ring $5
Making History – Purple Ring $5
Garden Glitter Blue Rhinestone Clip-On Earrings $5
Garden Glitter – Blue Clip-On Earrings $5
Antiqued silver earrings with white enlays $5
Atta GALA – White Earrings $5

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re looking forward to a great Mother’s Day weekend! It’s been very rainy here in Southeast Texas, but I’m hoping for a gorgeous weekend.

I found some really pretty jewelries to share with you today from my Paparazzi site. All featured items can be found in the New Releases Section with the exception of the Cosmo Collection Ring. You can find that one in the Rings Section.

First up is the Break the Cycle Gold Necklace. I really like this one, but I am drawn to circles, so of course I would! You’ll notice in my picture here that I wear one similar to this one, but in silver, and I love it! The circles on the Break the Cycle Necklace look like they are a little more dainty than mine. Really pretty. This would go well with a lot of looks.

Next up is the Cosmo Collection Ring. I actually just ordered this one today for myself! Yay! I was going to purchase a different styled rhinestone ring that was just released today, but it was already sold out. See — I always tell you that you’ve gotta move on items that you love. But I’m good. I really like this one. It looks like 2 bands of gorgeous and shiny round and marquis cut rhinestones.

Take a look at the Making History Ring in Purple! Wow! I ordered this one today as well for one of my clients. It’s actually going to her as a free gift. Paparazzi has a loyalty program where you receive a free gift for every 12 items you purchase, so I let her pick out exactly what she wanted, and I’d say she made a really great choice! How about you? And, she’s already well on the road for her next free gift. Be sure to keep up with your purchases you make from me and let me know when you’ve reached your 12, and I’ll let you pick out your gift as well.

Now on to the Garden Glitter Earrings in Blue. How beautiful are these? And they’re clip-ons – Yay! I think you need a pair of these – winks!

And last but not least is the Atta GALA Earrings. These are fabulous! The white enlays are so pretty against the antiqued silver. You need a pair of these too!

How about one of each? Only $5.00 per item, so yeah, we’ll take one of each!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and treat your Mom, treat yourself, and have a fabulous time!

Cheers! Jfay

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