Rings of Gold

Gold Rings Bracelet by Paparazzi $5.00 my-bling.com
Give Me a Ring Gold Bracelet by Paparazzi $5 my-bling.com
Gold Choker Necklace by Paparazzi $5 my-bling.com
Metro Spunk Gold Choker Necklace by Paparazzi $5 /my-bling.com
Golden Ring by Paparazzi $5 my-bling.com
Rise and Shine Golden Ring $5 my-bling.com

Hello, and happy beautiful Tuesday everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying gorgeous May weather.

Today’s Paparazzi jewelry treasures come to you in the form of golden rings. Those that have followed me for a little while have probably figured out that I’m drawn to shapes — circles, geometrics, etc., so here I go again, with more circles, or rings, excuse me.

It’s just that these shapes are so eye catching, and they’re always in fashion. Bold statement pieces that can be worn with just about any style garment, and be an instant hit.

First featured is the Give Me a Ring Golden Bracelet. This one is really stunning with delicately hammered hints of shimmer. The Give Me a Ring Bracelet can be found in the May Fashion Fix Category, and as always, it’s just $5.00. Just think what an addition to your accessories this would be!

Next up is the newly released Metro Spunk Gold Choker Necklace. This is a more dainty look, but still a bold statement with all the little rings going around the neck. I’ve got this one in my shopping cart now – well, actually all 3 of these! I couldn’t resist! This cutie can be found in the New Releases Section.

Then a true golden ring – in terms that it is a ring – the Rise and Shine Golden Ring. This is also delicately hammered with hints of shimmer, just like the Give Me a Ring Golden Bracelet. So pretty and so fashionable. I would definitely wear this with the bracelet. Knockout look! This ring is also located in the May Fashion Fix Section.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these golden rings and are able to take some of these beauties home with you today. The Fashion Fix items do go very fast, so be sure to get your pretty hands on these for yourself. All featured items are available on my Paparazzi website today and all are listed for $5.00 each.

All right gang! It’s been great seeing you again, and I hope you’ll stay fabulous till next time! Jfay

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