Silver, Pearls and Rhinestones

Silver pearl necklace by Paparazzi $5
Dream Pop – Silver by Paparazzi $5
Silver Hoop Earrings by Paparazzi $5
Slayers Gonna Slay – Silver Hoop Earrings by Paparazzi $5
Silver and Rhinestone Earrings by Paparazzi $5.00
Gala Glitter – White Earrings by Paparazzi $5

New Releases today in gorgeous Silver, Pearls, and Rhinestones.

With yesterday being a holiday, today’s New Releases did not disappoint.

The jewelry that caught my eye today was the very bold and beautiful Dream Pop – Silver necklace with silver and gray pearls, the Slayers Gonna Slay large hoop earrings in silver, and the Gala Glitter Earrings with rhinestones.

Each item is only $5.00 and fabulous! Paparazzi jewelries are always lead and nickle free and are always great quality as well as original designs. You just can’t beat it! And that’s why there product tends to sell out quickly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s featured New Releases and I’ll see you back here soon for more Paparazzi fabulousness!


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