Making a Bold Statement with Paparazzi Five Dollar Jewelry

Bold Silver and Black Necklace by Paparazzi $5
Divide and Ruler Necklace by Paparazzi $5
Bold Statement Turquoise Necklace by Paparazzi $5
River Ride Turquoise Necklace by Paparazzi $5
Texas Temptress Necklace by Paparazzi $5
Texas Temptress Necklace by Paparazzi $5
Written in the Star Lilies Necklace by Paparazzi $5
Written in the STAR LILIES – Orange Necklace by Paparazzi $5

For those who like making a bold fashion statement, you better werk! And you can, with fabulous Paparazzi five dollar jewelry!

Today’s featured items include the Divide and Ruler Necklace with handcrafted silver pieces that house an over sized black stone pendant. This is a New Release today.

Next up is the Blockbuster River Ride Turquoise Necklace which has two antiqued silver bars that curl around the neck that give way to falling turquoise stones that are each encased in a textured silver frame for an artisanal flair.

Then we have one I’ve not seen before, and newly released today – the Texas Temptress Necklace. So cool! This one features studded silver plates that are stamped in floral patterns. My first thought was that it looks like a bull! Maybe a Texas Longhorn?

Then rounding out our bold statement pieces is the Written in the STAR LILIES Necklace in Orange. I had also wanted to feature this necklace today in Blue, but right after I had saved the picture and came back around, which was maybe 2 minutes, it was GONE! See — I kid you not — Some items can go in an instant, even before I can get them posted here for you to see. So, when I tell you that a new piece may go fast, it really is not a sales gimmick, I’m trying to let you know what beautiful pieces are available so you can grab yourself some real treasures. But anyway — I digress — This necklace is available in orange – or it was a few minutes ago. It’s so pretty and delicately detailed, yet gives an overall bold statement with floral silver frames dotted with orange rhinestones. That’s so unique!

These stunning pieces all come with matching earrings, and as always, are lead and nickle free. Just too good to be true? I KNOW!!! That’s why Paparazzi is such a phenomenon!

You owe yourself a chance to give this jewelry a try – I’m telling you! You can have the most fabulous accessories for every single outfit – You are rocking it like a Super Star every single day wearing Paparazzi! It really lifts my spirits, I can tell you, to have gorgeously noticeable jewelry to wear every day, not just on special occasions.

You can check out today’s featured items in the New Releases Section, Necklace Section and Blockbuster Section on my Paparazzi website.

Okay gang – till next time – stay fabulous!! Jfay

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