Iridescent and Opaque’ly Beautiful

Gorgeous Green Iridescent Jewel Necklace with Rhinestones from Paparazzi $5
Come of Ageless Green Iridescent Necklace from Paparazzi $5
Gorgeous Silver floral pattern earrings with opaque and glassy rhinestones by Paparazzi $5
Take it Glow Opaque Rhinestone Earrings by Paparazzi $5

Good early evening friends!

I wanted to be sure to share a couple of beautiful finds from today’s Paparazzi New Releases. I found many favorites as I was shopping today for my own Paparazzi Jewelry Showroom. I’m getting stocked up and ready for another showing. Yay! I’ll be hosting a Sip and Shop coming up here in June.

So, while I was shopping I came across these really pretty items – The Come of Ageless – Green Necklace and the Take it Glow Earrings. And you better believe I snagged them both! I have to tell you guys that it was a little nerve racking shopping Paparazzi today. Things were disappearing from my cart so quickly – even a Blockbuster item, which as you may or may not know, the Blockbuster items are Paparazzi staples, and are usually always in stock. Things are really hopping over there – man! I’ve told you before that I am not kidding in the least when I show you new items that I feel may go fast, so you can have a chance to grab them for yourself. It’s so crazy, but so fun! Haha! Paparazzi is really growing by leaps and bounds and I know they’re most likely over there working their tails off to keep up with the demand, and that is just so fabulous, to see them really take off into the stratosphere like this.

Anyway…. back to these two beauties, before they’re gone.

The Come of Ageless – Green Necklace – OMG – look at that jewel! It is soooo pretty. This necklace features a green teardrop gem that has a radiant iridescent finish. It is surrounded by glassy white rhinestones, and is just so classy and fabulous.

Next is the Take it Glow Earrings. These are in a teardrop shape as well and have a floral pattern within the teardrop, and feature a white opaque rhinestone in the center surrounded by white glassy rhinestones. This is also soooo pretty! And I think these two would look great paired together. What do you think?

And, as always, both are only $5.00 each, and are lead and nickle free. Nothing turns green – I wear Paparazzi exclusively now, except for my wedding ring and a couple of other sentimental items, but yeah, Paparazzi is just so fabulous. That’s why it is taking off like it is — the quality is outstanding – and the price is unbelievable.

So – I hope you have fun shopping all the gorgeous Paparazzi Accessories items for yourself, and hope you are fast enough to snag exactly what you’re wanting. If you’re ever wanting an item and you were not fast enough to grab it, please feel free to message me to see if I may have it in my Showroom inventory. I’m here to help any way I can!

Okay gang — I’ll be back with more Paparazzi news for you soon! Till then, stay fabulous, Jfay

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