Trust Fund Baby

Happy Millions baby! Or at least happy looking like Millions!

This one is really fun, and gorg! The Trust Fund Baby Necklace has beautiful interlocking golden chains, golden beads, and faceted white beads that look like they’ve been dipped in a delicate golden metallic shimmer.

I actually have this one in my Showroom, and it is really pretty. I’ll have to take a pic of the one I have to show you too.

It has a matching bracelet (sold separately) called Just for the FUND of it.

Just for the FUND of it golden bracelet by Paparazzi $5.00

I really like this look. It’s flashy, but still classy. Not too over the top, and I think you could wear this just about anywhere and feel great. The chains are great quality on these pieces and I love the interlocking thickness for the beads to dangle from.

I also have the bracelet here in the Showroom too. I couldn’t pass on having this set available in person. And I’m so glad to see that it is still available online. I would certainly suggest snagging this one right away. Both pieces are only $5.00 each, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear from these. You can look for these jewelries by name in the search box on my Paparazzi website or look under New Releases or under the Necklace and Bracelet Sections. Remember you can also shop by color choice on my Paparazzi site, so it’s easy to find just the right piece for a specific outfit.

Okay gang — I’ll be back with more Paparazzi fabulousness soon, and I hope you’re all doing fabulous too!


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