This is the Funny Monster Face Jewelry Set!

Hey!  It's Jfay!  Your friendly Paparazzi Consultant #242472
Hey! It’s Jfay!

Do you remember my post about the Funny Monster? This is the set! Yay!

I should have known that it was destined to be mine. Haha!

Here’s the picture from my previous post about these pretty jewelries that made for a funny monster face:

Smokey Rhinestone and Silver Earrings and Necklace from Paparazzi

Unfortunately, like the fate of so many gorgeous Paparazzi pieces, neither the earrings or necklace are available online any longer, BUT good news — I still have one of the Extravagant Elegance Necklaces left here in my Showroom! It’s a 4 strand necklace of mismatched chains with smoky and metallic gems, and the price is $5.00!

Paparazzi Accessories
Paparazzi Jewelry

This is really a fun necklace with a lot of charm. If you’d like to claim the last one for yourself, please feel free to contact me!

Remember, you can browse and shop all the Paparazzi five dollar fashion jewelry to your heart’s content anytime online at New jewelry is added every day Monday – Friday, so there’s always something gorgeous and trending that you will not want to miss out on!

Till next time, stay fabulous, dah’ling! Jfay

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