Stunning Stunners for your Sunday Five Dollar Bling

Primrose Necklace from Paparazzi
Primrose Princess – Silver Necklace by Paparazzi $5 (Comes with Matching Earrings)
Majestically Malibu Green Earrings
Majestically Malibu Green Earrings by Paparazzi $5
Double Gold Chain Necklace
Street Greet and Meet Gold Necklace from Paparazzi $5
Silver necklace and bracelet set with white beads and rhinestones $5 each
Wait and SEA – White Necklace and Let Me SEA Bracelet $5 each
Wait and SEA necklace from Paparazzi $5
Wait and SEA Necklace $5
Silver bracelet with white beads and rhinestones $5
Let Me SEA Bracelet from Paparazzi $5
Riviera Royalty White Ring with Rhinestones $5
Riviera Royalty White Ring $5
Stunning Pink Earrings with Rhinestones by Paparazzi $5
Long May She Reign Pink Earrings $5

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’ve all enjoyed a great weekend with family and friends.

Thought I’d pop by today and bring you some super stunning bling that is available now – live – on my Paparazzi website – Yay! Get it while it’s hot and available before the big Monday rush.

If you see a piece that you love (or rather pieces that you love), the fastest way to find your jewelry item(s) is to type in the name in the search box (I’ve posted each item’s name here with its feature picture). When you visit my Paparazzi site – Click on “Shop” from the top menu, then either enjoy browsing the different categories or do a search and go directly to the item you’re looking for. If you ever have any questions about shopping my online store, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Enjoy shopping, and I’ll be back soon with more fabulous bling to share with you!


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