Golden Jewelry from Jfay’s Jewelry Showroom

Golden Jewelry from Jfay's Jewelry Showroom.  Contact me here on my Blog to purchase.  $5 each.
Contact Jfay to Purchase $5 each

Hey everyone! Hope you’re getting ready for fabulous 4th of July celebrations!

I wanted to share some gorgeous golden jewelries that are recent arrivals to my personal jewelry Showroom. These pieces are all available direct from me, so if you’d like to purchase 1 or all 3 items, please Contact Me here from the Blog to reserve your choices.

First is the Trust Fund Baby Gold Necklace, with beautiful gold and faceted white beads that have been dipped in a golden shimmer, dangling from 2 interlocking gold chains. The chains are a nice size and it is adjustable for the perfect size and fit. $5.00 + tax.

Contact Jfay to purchase the Trust Fund Baby Gold Necklace $5

Next up are the Red Carpet Radiance Earrings in Gold.

Red Carpet Radiance Earrings $5

These are so glamorous with golden gems trickling down from your ear. These are standard post earrings, and are only $5.00! Remember, there is never any lead or nickle in any Paparazzi jewelries, so you can wear these in comfort and joy – and look fantastic!

Then we have the Bubble Bustle Earrings in Gold. These are so fun — they caught my eye right off the bat.

Bubble Bustle Gold Earrings $5

They have really pretty peach colored rhinestones on alternating golden loops. These would be great dressed up or down. And they are only – yep – you guessed it – $5.00! These are fishhook style earrings.

I just went and checked online to see if any of these items are still available on my website, and I see that the Bubble Bustle Earrings can now be purchased in Silver with Pink rhinestones – So pretty! The Gold is sold out, but hello! I have a pair available! Yay! If you’d like the Silver and Pink pair, just visit my Paparazzi site (, click on Shop, then simply type in Bubble Bustle in the Search Box – they’ll come up quick and easy.

The Red Carpet Radiance Earrings are sold out online – but I have a pair for you!

And no more Trust Fund Baby online either, so you’re in luck with all 3 of these fabulous pieces, in that I can still hook someone up with these.

Contact Me with your choice(s) of jewelry and be sure to send me your email address so that I can send you an invoice and then get your goodies on their way to you! (Shipping to U.S. addresses – thank you!)

Have a safe and happy 4th!


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