Boho Vibes Paparazzi Style In Red, White and Blue

Canyon Crafted Bracelet in Red by Paparazzi $5.00
Canyon Crafted Red Bracelet by Paparazzi $5
Fiesta Flair Earrings in Red by Paparazzi $5.00
Fiesta Flair Red Earrings $5
Desert Dove Bracelet in White $5.00
Desert Dove White Bracelet $5
Pony Up White Earrings $5.00
Pony Up White Earrings $5
Outback Odyssey Blue Bracelet $5
Outback Odyssey Blue Bracelet $5
Fly Into the Sun Blue Earrings $5
Fly Into The Sun Blue Earrings $5

Hey Everyone and happy Monday!

Thought I’d begin this nice Summer week off with a little Boho Vibe, Paparazzi style, and in keeping with this past weekend’s festivities, let’s go Red, White, and Blue! And it just so happened that these pieces caught my eye today, so let’s rock and roll!

Beginning with our Reds, check the fancy workmanship on the Canyon Crafted Red Bracelet. Can you even believe that this piece is only $5.00? Get out! That is so gorgeous. I thought that would pair nicely with the Fiesta Flair Earrings, also in Red. So pretty and flirty, with a Southwest Boho vibe.

Next to our White pieces – I love the Desert Dove Bracelet with the white stone beads. It’s highlighted with silver accents and an antiqued feather charm. This is a stretchy band bracelet, which is a popular style. I get requests from people hoping that some of these designs are stretchy, and this one is. The Pony Up Earrings in White are just too fab… These are made using hammered silver tear drop shapes with a white stone pressed into a hammered silver oval shape at the bottom . So beautiful. And only $5.00. Unbelievable.

And now on to the Blues. These are also really pretty. How about a little Outback Odyssey in Blue? One of my customers just purchased this fabulous bracelet today. This bracelet is also a stretchy band style – well, multiple stretchy bands that are threaded with numerous turquoise seed beads, and there are also shiny silver seed beads that are sprinkled along the layers which are joined together by metallic fittings. Very cool…. For an accompanying earring, there are a couple of choices that will go with this bracelet look quite well, but for this feature I went with the Fly Into The Sun Earrings in Blue. These earrings really have a Southwest, Boho, Cowgirl Chic look with the shape of the bottom of the earring reminding me of a bird’s wing, as in Native American art. They are quite ornate, with a turquoise center stone.

All featured items are live and available on my Paparazzi website today, and all are $5.00 each. And as always, Paparazzi jewelry is lead and nickle free. Wear in comforts and joy. You can shop via category – These can be found in the Bracelet and Earring Categories and the New Releases Category. An easier way to find exactly the item you’re wanting is to type the name of the jewelry item in the top Search Box that says Search Products. It will bring up the product instant presto!

I hope today’s features inspire a bit of Boho spirit and vibe in you. May you have fun travels and adventures this Summer, and do so in Paparazzi style! Yay!

And always stay fabulous!


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