A Warm Welcome, Paparazzi Style

A Warm Welcome Necklace from Paparazzi $5 my-bling.com
A Warm Welcome Necklace $5 my-bling.com

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

I had a great time with my Honey this past week and enjoyed a very welcomed date night out. To get ready, I wanted to find the perfect outfit and accessories. And you know where I shop — My own Paparazzi showroom – Yay! Doesn’t everyone have their very own Paparazzi jewelry showroom by now? Haha!

I knew that I wanted to wear a black shirt with my white pants (they have really cute little balls for fringe at the bottom of the legs – so fun!), and my Italian made metallic wedge heel sandals – Ooh, la la – So what would go great with that look and tie it all together? I was at first thinking of going with gold accessories for a change since I mainly tend to wear silver, but after trying on several gold pieces, this multi-toned A Warm Welcome caught my eye. Ohhhh…. that would go excellent with my shoes! The top of my sandals are made of a very shiny and glittery multi-toned metallic weave, and the silver, copper, and smoky tones in this necklace would match perfectly with all the colors in the shoes. The center focal point bead is totally covered with copper rhinestones – it’s so pretty. This necklace comes with matching ball earrings, but I decided to pair it with my smoky rhinestone hoops for a little extra flair. You can see in the picture above that I also thought it would go great with the Gala Glitter Earrings (which are still available in my Showroom for only $5.00). The Warm Welcome Necklace is also only $5.00 and is available on my Paparazzi Website listed under the Blockbusters Category. It’s easy to navigate — when you arrive on my website, click Shop, then click Blockbusters from the top Category menu and scroll to find the necklace — OR — just simply type in A Warm Welcome in the top Search Products box.

Anyway — I felt fabulous wearing this Paparazzi accessory ensemble that I put together and had a very fun time out with my handsome Hubby, Willie Coyote, sharing chips and salsa (and of course a cold beer) at one of our favorite local Tex Mex eateries.

Say Cheese! Or Guacamole! Enjoying a fun date night at Chachi’s in Kingwood, TX

I hope you find something way fashionable and fun to wear out on your next date night. Come by and see my online Paparazzi Accessory Showroom at my-bling.com. There are sooooo many fabulous jewelry items that you won’t believe – and you won’t believe everything is only $5.00. Begin with a necklace – add some blingy earrings – how about a bracelet and ring to tie it all in together? You’ll have a complete look for probably less than 1 piece would cost you at a retail setting – And the quality is just as great – there is no skimping on quality with Paparazzi. Everyone that visits my personal Showroom is just blown away. And it’s always lead and nickle free.

You know, my upline Papa Sister posted today that there are now celebrities getting in on the Paparazzi craze (wearing it and selling it). I’m telling you, it’s just too great to miss out on! And you won’t have to — You know I’ll hook you up! Yay!

Okay gang, till next time — oh, and contact me if you’d like to earn some free Paparazzi bling – we can get you set up with an online party so all your friends can come and shop through your own personal party link and you can earn monies for free jewelry! Double Yay! Stay fabulous!!!


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